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we are email you this complaint about Silicon Valley Imaging Corporation, because my father bought 6 touch pads (tablepc tpc1013)from Sears by phone for Christmas for(3 daughter,which 2 are legally blind person, his sister and his granddaughter who is legally blind and one for himself) When we got them we notice the problem we the touch pad. This is a vendor of Sears.

As you see below the complaint that we made!

We have call 1-510-488-3790 several time and just got a recording and we left a message with are name and phone number and have not heard from them yet and we emailed them at and no response yet and than when to sears online and live chat with a customer service and they told me to bring it to the nears Sears and exchange it and so we did. We went to sears in Cambridge and went to the tv radio and computer section and they did not know what to do so sent us to the pick-up and return and that they said they could not help us. and they told us to get hold of the company we told them we did

Our father found out that they have bad review on ebay

So this is the complaint we made on Silicon Valley Imaging Corporation Facebook site.

Yeah, my father bought 6 of the touch pad of gifts for Christmas. 1 of them is really defected only get half a screen and 1 was scratch up and 5 of them are having trouble getting corrected to the internet and staying corrected, they go on and can not go to different web pages. We tried to contact Silicon Valley Imaging Corporation with the phone number and email that came with the touch pad several time and got not answers back. i heard bad review from ebay after the fact if i knew that before we would have gone some place else. We ordered them through Sears by phone and I think Sears should be responsible for exchanging the touch pads . We made a complaint to Sears and dont know if they will follow through with the complaint. May be I should send this complaint to channel seven and the business bureau

We think that Sears should be responsible for exchanging and looking into the company that they are dealing with .

Our father feels so bad and trying to help us deal with this but he is in North caroline and we are here in Mass and we do not know what to do next

could you help or suggest something for us to do

you can reach us at, or

thank you

julie, carol and john

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